Friday, April 16, 2010

How to introduce myself in a class?2morrow is my first day in college nd i want to impress my classmates......

2morrow is my first day in college nd i want some impressive introduction.i want to impress my class mates nd friends here i need a help.wat things made a good impression on classmates pls tell me

How to introduce myself in a class?2morrow is my first day in college nd i want to impress my classmates......
Nobody is impressed by you trying to impress others. Are you that naive that you would think that a classroom of students isn't going to know your bullshitting them? Nobody is that good!

You don't need to impress anyone but yourself and by the way you are using the English language in your question I would suggest you start with taking English 101.

Just be truthful and short.

My name is...

I'm from....

I like to...

I'm very happy to be here and to meet all of you...

Thank you very much...

You will find it much easier to make new friends and enjoy your school term than to have to sit in that class the whole term knowing that others know your a fake because of something you said. Because you were trying to impress them!

First impression IS a lasting impression. Think about it!

Best of luck to you and have a great day!
Reply:my friend be cool. no reason for getting tensed.tomorrow you should be speaking to as much guys as you can. you can always take the help of the principal. try to respond to as many questions you can. be careful in selecting your friends
Reply:Impress them by not trying to do something special. Just act like a normal person.
Reply:be yourself

be what u r rather then imitate others
Reply:Be yourself because if you act like someone you aren't, that's going to be a long charade to keep up for four years. Tell them where you're from, ask them questions about thier lives, and take the time to listen.
Reply:Use proper english.......
Reply:now first things first you are not going to school for anybody when you get to school tomorrow act natural let them know you for who you are and not what they expect you to be.

try not to be shy and not to make any friends as well as enemies too soon know why you are in school and aid your course with seriousness and devotion to study

good luck in school
Reply:Just be what u r, using extraordinary words wouldnot impress others. Just say Hi or something of that sort and tell them ur true interests and like to make good friends and is quiet sure u would find them smartly. it always adds ur personality. Hope this helps.All the best for ur education and the firstday.
Reply:Introduce yourself like this......

Good Morning my dear Friends.Am .......... coming and so...i completed my ............ i feel pleasure to be one among u. Here i would like to say one thing that even v r in groups we shouldn't forget to engrave our identity before leaving this prestigious college. especially in the hearts of each others.

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