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how do i look up photos in the high school year book in the year1978
You have to pay to see any and everything on that site. The one bad thing about that site is that people often create their profiles and never, ever go back and update them. You will see profiles that were created years ago and the person you're trying to contact has probably changed their email address many, many times and never bothered to update their profile.

My suggestion to you is...before you pay for, try (and I know some people may refute) I'm not on MySpace to meet new people, I use the website to network with old high school friends. You will probably be amazed at home many people from school you can catch on their. MySpace even has a place where you can search for members who went to a certain school and graduated in a specific year. And best of all...its FREE.

Give it a try...don't pay for will regret it.

Hope you find this information useful....
Reply:You have to be a paid member of to view the pictures. Also, in order to email a classmate from there, you have to be a paid member.
Reply:you half to pay, they wont you to join to see anything, i too tried the sight, you will get a lot of spam from them. good luck

Did you know that you could look up your past family members on this site I actually did on Christmas Eve and found mystepmothers children after 36 years there all reunited now I took from the last city and state they lived in and there names and found them.I know this isn't really a question but I noticed someone elses question that I could not reply 2.
You find the ones you went to school with on

I'm glad you find your stepmothers children after 36 years

and was reunited with them.
Reply:I'm on there... !!! :-)
Reply:I'm on there too.
Reply:i know i have been on that website a couple times and i have found many of my family members
Reply:I've heard of that website.
Reply:thank you for the information and congrats on meeting old family

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How do I stop my classmates from teasing me about my crush?

This has been happening since october every single day!

I can't take it anymore!

Even my friends tease me.

My two best friends leaked it out.

I can't stop being their friend coz I would have a hard time at school w/o them.

My crush doesn't talk to me anymore.

Then here's my other classmate...

He's a good friend of my crush and tells me My crush is crushing on me too. I dont know what to do.

How do I stop my classmates from teasing me about my crush?
Confirm that you have a crush, and it won`t be such a big deal.They will not tease you, because they will know that they won`t get on your nerves.Maybe confirming it will be hard, but it`s worth it.if you confirm it while you laugh they will think that you are joking, and it won`t be such a big deal. I always do this, you should try. If that friend of your crush sais that your crush has a crush on you.. Maybe the friend wants to fool you , or maybe your crush has a crush on you, but he wants to conceal it. It depends, if the crush`s friend is serios or not. If he`s serios.. Be Happy, He likes you! If he isn`t a serious guy, he just wants to make you miserable.
Reply:I agree with robi- just admit it!! So what that you like somebody???? It is nothing to be ashamed of, for gods sake!!! People love to tease about something others to make them feel embarassed, to make them feel vulnerable.

Other way is also not to react at all- to show complete ignorance. If they speak, let them speak...You just change the topic , or show zerro interest. That will make it uninteresting to continue teasing you.
Reply:only one way.simply simle and don't will automatically outs them.
Reply:okay just dont care abt what they say,they r just irritaing and tickling u.DONT REACT.And next time if u have a crush on someone just dont tell anyone,even if its ur best friend,take my advice u wont regret.
Reply:Well just pretend you dont like that person anymore...

How do you tell 25 classmates a trip was cancelled & they lost 100.00 deposit?

the trip was cancell due to bankruptcy of the bus company. How do you explain to classmate and still uphold their goodwill toward you.

How do you tell 25 classmates a trip was cancelled %26amp; they lost 100.00 deposit?
I wouldn't cover and run. After coming clean, I'd call my local TV station/newspaper and tell them your situation. It might be an interesting human interest story and education for their viewers/readers (so that others don't make the same mistake). I live in a hurricane-prone area. The news media is always educating people on how not to get scammed (based on the misfortune of others). Perhaps another bus company will see the piece and pitch in to help you out. It's worth a try...

Reply:I suggest finding a bus company that's still in business, buying a one-way ticket and getting the heck out of town.
Reply:Long distance.

Seriously, if there was nothing you could do about it, most of them will not hold it against you, but against the bus company. There will always be a few that blame you, and there is nothing you can do to make them change their mind.
Reply:just be staight with them it wasnt ur fault,u probably have to sue that co.but if there bankrupt ull probably never get back most of the money..
Reply:Refund the money or run for your life
Reply:book another bus from another bus company? using ur own money? erm.... or u can tell them the truth.. it's 4 bucks per pax.. so shouldnt be a lot of money if u break it down.. den bring some cny goodies for them to eat.. help clear ur goodies toooo.. =P
Reply:More info, please. What did you have to do with the trip? Did you organize it? Why are you the one to tell the classmates the bad news?
Reply:Its best to explain to the students that the bus company has filed for bankruptcy, which means the bus company didn't have enough money to transport with the buses anymore.

You will also HAVE to come up with the 100 dollars to give each of them their full ammount back. If you do not give the students back the money they paid for the trip, your going to have alot of angry parents on your hands.

Maybe in the future you should do more research into your plans for your students before announcing the trip.
Reply:It should not be the students' loss.
Reply:Well, how old r they?

What to do about rude classmates?

Ok this classmate of mine is really starting to annoy me. First, she came in to class 10 minutes late reaking of 5 different smells of perfume. She sat down next to me and took out her makeup case. She put on hand lotion, lipstick and fixed her hair in her mirror. When she finally decided to take notes her cellphone buzzed. She decided to start text messaging people for a couple minutes. Next, she got out a pack out peanut butter crackers and started crunching away...until she decided to text someone again. After our break was over, she stood in the hallway talking on her cellphone loudly and came back into class late again. Over the couse of the next hour she chomped on her gum, texted people and wiggled around in her seat and bookbag numerous times in addition to putting more lotion and lipgloss on. What should I have done? I just sat there quietly but she was so distracting and I wanted to tell her so....should I have said anything?

By the way: This is college I'm talking about.

What to do about rude classmates?
There is nothing you can really say politely without the risk of her getting defensive. If you don't care about that then by all means, mention these things to her as politely as you can (even though this person obviously has no regard for being polite herself!).

If confrontation is not your style, just make a point to pack up and sit away from her the next time this happens. The hint may be taken a little personally but oh well!

Otherwise, just cross your fingers in hopes that she does not choose to sit next to you every day!

For the lateness, you could tell your professor that it is distracting and he/she may say address this. Some are more lenient on being on time than others.
Reply:Ugh...then try to always sit in a seat that's surrounded by others so that when she comes in late, she does not pick YOU to sit by!!! Good luck! Report It

Reply:Next time she comes into class late or not ask her politely to sit somewhere else or you could get up and move. People like this are to wrapped up in themselves to notice they are being rude, they must be told. But, be ready to take the backlash from her, I'm sure you'll get an earful...
Reply:talk to the professor, let him/her know that this student is distracting to the point that you can't focus or learn
Reply:You should have moved to another seat. That would have said more than any words.
Reply:just take her to one side and say in a nice way 'i'm not being funny, but you seem a bit restless and fidgety in class and i'm finding its distracting me from my work, it would be really helpful to my studying if you could please be a bit more discreet?' and if that doesn't work, tell the the tutor so that they can have a word with her.
Reply:you might mention you are attending a class in law enforcement and drug awareness, ask this person if they have noticed if anyone is selling crack or speed.....there is a 1 800 number you could call and get a reward for turning them in....tell her these classes are only on Saturday and wouldn't interfere with her college classes if she wants to join you...she will probably get uncomfortable and move...or drop the class...when you find someone that rude they are probably not paying attention to anyone around them....including their own body language....also you could tell her all you hear in class is her, is it o.k. to tone down the constant movement stuff....good luck...
Reply:In college, I consider myself a paying customer and I want to get what I pay for. So if something my classmate is doing (like talking) distracts me, I think it's appropriate to say (very politely), "Excuse me, could you please stop talking? It's hard to hear."

Frankly, all of the behaviors that you've described were probably only super-distracting to you because you were sitting close to her. Perhaps next time you could just get up and move to another seat.
Reply:You can say politely that she is distracting you with her chaos,and that you take college very seriously and don't appreciate it. You can also ask her to go easy on the smells, that it makes your allergies flare up!
Reply:Do they have assigned seats in college these days? Don't sit by her. If she sits where you are, move. You owe no one any explanation.
Reply:Sit farther away from her and pretend she doesn't exist.
Reply:Politely ask her to chew her gum with her mouth closed, don't text message during class, and if she could be a little less of a distraction during class.
Reply:hi there, it seems to me that she is just looking for attention, just ignore her, and don't let it get the best of you,

I sent an email through, how will they know they have a message?

Is the message sent to their email account by the sender or do they have to check the website to find out. Im asking because I didnt know I had to be a paying member for them to read it and I dont want them to pay a member fee. Has this happened to anyone?

I sent an email through, how will they know they have a message?
Generally these websites, send the alert mail to the person to their registered mail id - about your message. Your friend has to log in and read the message. It does work.
Reply:I am not a paying member and I sent an e-mail to a person (not a paying member either) on Classmates about a month ago. Classmates will send an e-mail to the person letting them know they have a message waiting. But here's the have GOT to be a PAYING member to be able to read any messages.

My friend never read the message. You know the funny thing is that I got an e-mail a few weeks back that said I had a message waiting from him. But when I looked at my Classmates outbox it said the message I had sent to my friend was unread. It's a scam. Try to find another way to contact your friend. My friend eventually found me on facebook. :-)

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My classmates and me or me and my classmates?

which is correct?

My classmates and me or me and my classmates?
Depends on whether you are using this as a subject of a sentence or the object.


My classmates and I went to the park.

(You would not say, "Me went to the park", would you?

Then don't say "My class mates and me went to the park".


The teacher sent my classmates and me out of the room.

You would not say, The teacher sent I out of the room".

Prepositional phrase:

The teacher gave an assignment to my classmates and me.

The tower was painted by my classmates and me.
Reply:The other answers are partially right, but it depends on the sentence it is in. But always, the person that isn't you comes first out of courtesy.

But, grammatically speaking, using "I" or "me" depends on the sentence surrounding it.

If the sentence is one where, without the other person, you would say "me", then it stays "me".

for example:

The cookie is for me.

The cookie is for him and me.

INCORRECT: The cookie is for him and I.

It stays 'me' because you wouldn't say "the cookie is for I."

But, if the sentence is one where you would use "I" if it was only you, then you would use "I" for one with both.

for example:

I like the cookie.

He and I both like the cookie.

INCORRECT: He and me both like the cookie.

This is because you would never say "Me like the cookie."

Have a good day. :D

Now I want a cookie.
Reply:Grammatically " My classmates and I" is the correct form. But in conversation you may hear "me and my classmates" or vice versa, which is grammatically wrong, but is used any way in conversation!

So if you are writing it down or you are talking in a formal way, you have to use the grammatically-correct form, but if you are just saying it among a group of friends, it doesn't really matter even if you say the wrong form. (In every day conversation you may hear people making such mistakes normally like: I don't have no money (which is grammatically wrong because of "double negation") instead of the correct form that is: "I don't have any money" or "I have no money")).
Reply:My bad..I clicked on the wrong vote for xotammie ..I ment to give her a thumbs up....She is right.....

Sorry...Wish I could correct it.
Reply:my classmates and I
Reply:My classmates and I. Both of yours are wrong.
Reply:Rule 1: Always state yourself (me or I) last, not first!

Rule 2: To find out how to use the correct term, I or me, you cover up the other people in the sentence and see which term you'd use.

For example: This is a photo of Laura and ____.

Would you say, "This is a photo of I." or "This is a photo of me."

I hope this helps!
Reply:neither.. classmates and I.
Reply:the first person
Reply:well it would be my classmates and me if you were to use it in the end of a sentence but if its the beginning of the sentence it my classmates and i.

Reply:My classmates and I.
Reply:I think the correct term is my classmates and I
Reply:our classmates
Reply:i agree with the first person
Reply:ye i said me and my classmates and ma teacher busted my butt for it lol

she was like "take a minute and learn the english language! the proper term is my classmates and I"

and ye my teacher was strict haha
Reply:The correct term would be My classmates and I.

Lets say the sentence was:

___________ ate a sandwich.

Would it be

A) My classmates and me

B) My classmates and I

C)Me and my classmates

It would be B. Think of it like this, take away the other people, and just say the sentence with YOU in it. Would it be

-me ate a sandwich


-I ate a sandwich


So, basicly just take away the other people except YOU and see which one is correct.

Also, you ALWAYS put yourself after the other people.

In this case, you had

-my classmates and me


-me and my classmates

well, me and my classmates is TOTALLY wrong. You always put the other people (in this case, the classmates) before you.

Hope I helped!
Reply:my classmates and I
Reply:non of the above is correct.I believe it is supposed to be My classmates and I.
Reply:definitely "My classmates and I"
Reply:my classmates and I

remember, you have to always think about outher ppl and put others before you

so you put "my classmates" before "I"